Theses for bachelor and master students

We offer projects and theses for bachelor and master students currently enrolled at University of Freiburg. Below are non-exhaustive lists of open, ongoing, and past projects and theses. If you are interested in doing a project or thesis with our group, you are welcome to contact Marco Zimmerling. Note that we receive more requests than we are able to supervise. To maximize your chances, please provide relevant background information as part of your request including:

  • most importantly, a list of networked embedded systems topics you are most interested in;
  • a transcript of your grades, study status (semester, bachelor or master), and courses attended;
  • a brief description of any past projects and/or industry experience you may have;
  • any particular skill (e.g., PCB design) or programming experience (e.g., MCU or FPGA);
  • a short explanation as to why you are interested in doing a project in our group, in particular.

If you are particularly excited about a specific topic, or even have your own research idea to propose, then please tell us about it as well. This background information will allow us to ensure a good alignment of your interests and skills with the goals of a particular topic, which goes a long way to make projects and theses a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Available projects and theses

Ongoing projects and theses

Past projects and theses

At University of Freiburg

  • Semi-automatic Labeling of Events in Energy Data
    Victor Marchat (bachelor project), finished June 2022.

At TU Dresden

  • Network Management in Wireless Cyber-Physical Systems
    Prateek Gautam (master thesis), finished January 2020.
  • Utility-dependent Energy Management on Real Sensor Nodes
    Justus Paulick (diploma thesis), finished June 2019.
  • Kalman Filter Design for Channel State Tracking in IEEE 802.15.4 Multi-Packet Receivers
    Tim Taubert (diploma thesis), finished May 2019.
  • Enabling Cross-technology Communication in the 2.4 GHz ISM Band
    Alex Bereza (diploma thesis), finished January 2017. See paper at EWSN’17.
    GI KuVS Best MSc Thesis Award.
  • Network Coding in Low-power Wireless Multi-hop Networks
    Johannes Neumann (diploma thesis), finished December 2016. See paper at SenSys’16.
  • Real-time Scheduling on Resource-constrained Embedded Devices
    Javier Acevedo (master thesis), finished October 2016.

At ETH Zurich

  • Making Sense of FlockLab Testbed Data
    Andreas Buechel (semester thesis), 2014.
  • A Voice-activated Wireless Patient Monitoring System
    Reto Da Forno (master thesis), 2013.
  • Wireless Yet Reliable Patient Notification System: GUI and Backend
    Reto Da Forno (semester thesis), 2013. See paper at SenSys’13.
  • Timely Localization and Multi-Object Tracking for Sensor Networks
    Nemanja Popovic (master thesis), 2012.
  • Interface Development for Next Generation FlockLab
    Dominic Just (semester thesis), 2011.
  • Push vs. Pull in Wireless Sensor Networks
    David Hasenfratz (master thesis), 2010. See paper at SenSys’10.
  • Implementation of an Adaptive Dissemination Protocol on Sensor Nodes
    Dmitry Lukyantsev (semester thesis), 2010.