07/2022: Two papers accepted at EWSN’22! One on inspecting concurrent transmissions in the wild (RSSISpy), and one on making low-power wireless more fault tolerant (Butler).
07/2022: Celine has joined the NES Lab as our new team assistant. Welcome!
05/2022: Marco has received the ACM SIGBED Early Career Researcher Award 2022!
04/2022: Ten schoolgirls visited our group on April 28, the International Girl’s Day in ICT 2022, to learn about sustainable electronics and to build their own battery-free devices.
04/2022: On April 14, Kai will be visiting Pat at UCSD and also give an invited talk about our recent work on battery-free networks.
04/2022: Our paper on efficient and reliable communication between battery-free, intermittently powered devices has received the NSDI’22 Community Award.
03/2022: We have released the artifacts (energy-harvesting traces, source code, etc.) of our NSDI’22 paper on battery-free device-to-device communication.
03/2022: Organizing a Dagstuhl seminar on emerging Internet of Things scenarios (in-body, underwater, outer space, etc.) together with Kyle, Longfei, and Xia to be held in 2023.
03/2022: Next month we will be moving to the University of Freiburg, Germany, while also keeping an affiliation with the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden.
02/2022: Marco will have the pleasure to talk (together with Sebastian) about our work on wireless control at ETHZ/EPFL on February 28 and at TU Darmstadt on March 18.