The Networked Embedded Systems (NES) Lab is a research group in the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden at TU Dresden led by Marco Zimmerling. We are also affiliated with the Faculty of Computer Science.

Our research interests lie at the intersection of wireless communication and embedded systems, with the overarching goal of making future cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things more dependable and sustainable. To this end, we are currently working in multiple areas including feedback control and coordination over wireless networks, communication primitives and network protocols based on synchronous transmissions, and energy-harvesting batteryless systems. Most of our projects involve analyzing, designing, and building real systems, using diverse concepts ranging from real-time scheduling and signal processing to distributed computing and network coding.

Selected recent projects include the Shepherd testbed for energy-harvesting systems, the Mixer many-to-all broadcast primitive, and control over wireless. As a founding member of the IoTBench initiative, we are also looking at benchmarks and evaluation methodologies for low-power wireless networking. To learn more about our work, please check out our research and publication pages.

We are always looking for motivated students with a background in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering interested in doing an internship or thesis project with us. Please contact us for more information.