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Marco Zimmerling

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Bootstrapping Battery-free Wireless Networks: Efficient Neighbor Discovery and Synchronization in the Face of Intermittency Conference

Kai Geissdoerfer, Marco Zimmerling

Proceedings of the 18th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), 2021.

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Taking a Deep Dive Into The Batteryless Internet of Things With Shepherd Journal Article

Kai Geissdoerfer, Mikołaj Chwalisz, Marco Zimmerling

ACM GetMobile: Mobile Computing and Communications, 2021.

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Demo: Bootstrapping Batteryless Networks Using Fluorescent Light Properties Presentation

Kai Geissdoerfer, Friedrich Schmidt, Brano Kusy, Marco Zimmerling


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Control-guided Communication: Efficient Resource Arbitration and Allocation in Multi-hop Wireless Control Systems Journal Article

Dominik Baumann, Fabian Mager, Marco Zimmerling, Sebastian Trimpe.

IEEE Control Systems Letters, 4 (1), 2020.

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Detailed Recording and Emulation of Spatio-temporal Energy Environments with Shepherd Demo

Kai Geissdoerfer, Mikolaj Chwalisz, Marco Zimmerling

New York (NY, USA), 13.11.2019.

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